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SIECO is serious about providing you excellent value and services, covering the whole process from purchase to installation, use and maintenance. With various certificates, our products are quality assured. We can offer the certificate of registered flame resistant product to you.


No matter whether you are a dealer or a purchaser, SIECO can offer you the optimal solutions of tent. OEM service is also available. That means we can customize tents for you as per your demands such as the needs to print LOGO and advertisement on the tent. Specific cases and pictures are as follows.

1. We offer tent printing service and boast rich experience. For example, according to the requirements of customer, we once printed our tents into various national flags of different countries such as Sierra Leone, Ghana and Guinea for national day celebrations.

  • Ghana National Flag Tent
  • Sierra Leone National Flag Tent
  • Tent with Different Colors

2. If the customer does not need fully closed tent, we can offer transparent tent roof or the roof with transparent windows.

  • Tent with Transparent Roof
  • Tent with Transparent Windows on the Roof

3. We also can offer ornamental interior curtains, including top curtain, decorative lace and side wall curtain to make the tents full of festive air.

  • Tent with Interior Curtains
  • Tent with Interior Curtains
Accessories Supply

To make sure that you can cope well with the emergencies occurred during installation or use, we usually provide a certain amount of quick wear parts in the containers. If there is wrong with the parts, you can timely replace them. In addition, our tents come with one year warranty.

Installation Guide

Ample experience tells us that the installation is the most troublesome problem during the use of tents. SIECO will offer you installation guide and training services. On-site installation guide is available.