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Environmental Friendliness

Eco-friendly Materials
SIECO is an environment friendly tent manufacturer. Our products are all manufactured from eco-friendly materials. Together with compact design, our tents can be more compatible with the environment. Even if it is used in severe environment such as high and low temperature as well as long term exposure to blazing sun and rain, you can feel comfortable.

Resource Conservation
Milton Zhao, the founder of SIECO, is an advocate of environmentalism. He requires that all of our materials should be utilized to the best effect and we should avoid waste to the best of our ability. That is the most effective method to save resources. In addition, our products need little room to package, which is convenient for transportation. Thus, transportation cost can be considerably reduced.

New Material Technology
SIECO boasts new technology in the development of materials. We add a sun block-out layer into the multilayer materials, enabling the tent to block visible light, infrared ray, UV, etc. from the sun. In burning summer, you can feel cool when standing under our tent. Therefore, air conditioning is unnecessary, thus effectively saving power energy.

Green Factory
Our factory is constructed like a garden. We have invested heavily to afforest our factory. More than 4000 square meters of lawn and over 400 various trees make the percentage of greenery coverage in the garden like factory up to 40%.