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Company Profile

SIECO, built in 1993, has been always committed to becoming the most professional outdoor event tent manufacturer. Over 20 years of development, we have accumulated abundant experience and succeeded in exporting our high quality tents to countries all over the world. Now, SIECO has grown to be a specialist tent supplier, with a considerably high supply capacity of more than 30000 premium tents in a year. Our comprehensive range of tents, including marquee tent, shade carport, frame tent, pole tent, military tent, folding tent, party tent, etc. will offer you the optimal solutions for weddings, parties, banquets, celebrations and other outdoor events.

Product Design and Development
SIECO owns a professional and experienced design and development team which has made great contribution to our superior products by timely and rapidly absorbing the state-of-the-art concepts in the world. In the last few years, the team developed numerous products such as marquee tent, pole tent and frame tent that comply with foreign standards. Fabric fireproof ratings of these tents have been certified by CAL FIRE. So far, these tents have made great achievement in the market.

Quality Control and Management
Over two decades, we have been improving our production technology and materials, for the purpose of providing the highest quality tents for customers. Our complete quality control process from material purchase to sample confirmation before production, spot check during production, sample confirmation before packing and spot check after packing will assure our customers of the best quality products.

In order to meet ever-increasing demands, we have expanded our production scale. That is, we have established a 36,000 square meters of factory where complete equipment is provided. Since that, all main manufacturing procedures including tube welding, cutting, processing, galvanizing and coating, joint making as well as cover sewing, welding, packing and loading can be completed in-house. With top quality and excellent services, SIECO will be your preferred choice.