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Folding Tent

The folding tent, also called advertisement tent, is portable and foldable. It is ideal for some outdoor trade shows, providing commodities and people with roomy shelter for blocking sun and rain, and allowing exhibitors to print product logo and features on it so as to let customers rapidly understand their products.

This foldable tent is so flexible, suitable for independent use and joint use as well. It is perfect for various outdoor events as well as travel and leisure activities such as large scale exhibition, public affairs, flow stall, etc. In addition, the folding tent can be used as a temporary sunshade tent, temporary carport and workplace at sea beach or in outdoor expeditions. Due to the capability of printing advertisement and logo, the portable tent is an ideal choice for promoting enterprise image.

The outdoor camping tent is not only flexible, but also easy to install and fold. It can be set up in several minutes. Thanks to the telescopic support poles, tent height can be adjusted as you please. Additionally, the promotional tent is manufactured in sturdy and durable PVC oxford cloth which has outstanding water proof and sun block effect.

Structural Features
1. The fabric of this folding tent is 210D, 420D or 300D×600D PVC oxford cloth that shows excellent resistance to water, UV and aging.
2. Sewed by twin-needles machine, the tent boasts clear corner angle and perfect stereoscopic impression as well as higher wind loading rating.
3. Every corner is provided with a suspension clasp that is convenient for the guy ropes to catch firmly the sand bags or tent pegs, thus preventing high wind from damaging the tent.
4. There is a layer of lining added to the tent top, hence forming double layer top that comes with higher wear resistance and longer service life.

Specifications of SIECO Folding Tent
Dimensions: 3×3m, 3×4.5m, 3×6m, 4×4m, 4×6m and 4×8m
Frame tubes: 30×30mm iron tube, 30×30mm aluminum tube, 40×40mm aluminum tube and HEX 50×50mm aluminum tube Colors: Red, yellow, blue, green, white, dark green, etc; if required, the color can be customized.

Installation Instructions
1. Taking frame and tent top out of the carton.
2. Unfolding the frame to 50%.
3. Putting the tent top on the frame, with four feet of the top right above the four feet of the frame. Then attach firmly the Velcro.
4. Unfolding the frame further to 95%.
5. Every feet of the frame has four spring fasteners. Buckle them into telescopic square tubes.
6. Pulling out four inner tubes with foot pads. When the inner tube is pulled to a certain length, it will be automatically fastened. Then a folding tent is completely set up.

1. Please protect it from being hit and scraped.
2. Keep it away from chemicals such as acid and alkali.
3. Please avoid being stored in damp and high temperature places for a long time. When storing for a long time, please wash it by water with appropriate temperature.
4. After being used in damp places, the tent should be dried in the sun.
5. The material is not fire proof. Hence keep it away from fire source please.
6. When installing the tubes, please keep the tubes go through smoothly.
7. Set up of various types of folding tent is slightly different. So, attention should be paid when installing.

  • Folding Tent 3×3m
  • Folding Tent 3×4.5m
  • Folding Tent 3×6m
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