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Military Tent

SIECO military tent is supported by high strength galvanized tubes. The tent top is made from double-face PVC synthetic fiber that comes with great resistance to low temperature, water, fire and UV and high durability. Guy ropes are used around the army tent for stabilizing it, hence ensuring safety and stability as well as elegant appearance and easy installation.

On the top of the genuine military surplus, we specially design some screen windows for ventilation. On side walls, many double-deck screen windows are added to prevent mosquito and insects from entering the tent inside. In addition, the PVC window covers can be rolled up for ventilation and put down for prevent against rain. The military tent can perfectly resist scorching sun, rain storm, sand storm, freezing winder and burning summer.

Structural Features
1. High strength galvanized tubes can stabilize the military marquee tent and make it durable. Reasonable structure enables this tent to bear strong gale and thick snow cover.
2. Double-faced PVC fabric gives the tent top high resistance to low temperature, water, fire, UV, etc.
3. This field tent can be further firmed by guy ropes that can also maintain good appearance, easy installation and convenient transportation.
4. Assembly and disassembly are a snap. Only 25 minutes are needed to erect or dismantle by 4 people.
5. Large screen windows can effectively protect the military tent from damp, dust, etc. and keeps it ventilated.

Materials: galvanized poles, waterproof PVC tent top and side walls
Dimensions: 5×5m, 5×10m
Poles: diameters are 25mm and 50mm; thickness is 1.2mm
Side wall height: 1.8m
Center height: 3.6m
Color: Army green

1. Before erection, you should make a careful observation of ambient environment to make sure there are no rolling stones, rolling logs and weathered rocks above the camp.
2. In rainy season, please do not erect the military tent close to the river bank or on dry river bed.
3. Please do not set up the tent on the peak of mountain or in open country, for the purpose of avoiding lightning stroke.
4. When set up on exposed earth or sand, you can dig drainage ditch around the tent so as to ensure dry internal ground.
5. If cooking in the tent, please keep the flame away from the fabric or isolate flame using fire-proof plate. When cooking, please stay in the tent. Exhaust fan should be installed to eliminate cooking fumes.
6. When the wind speed is predicted to exceed the 8 level, please dismantle the military tent in advance.
7. Before storage, the tent must be dried in the sun. If it can not be dried completely, storage should not last for too long.
8. According to local humidity and climatic conditions, the tent roof and side walls should be regularly dried in the sun so as to avoid bacteria growth and damage of the rain-proof coating.

Pictures of Military Tent
  • Military tent 5×5m
  • Military tent 5×5m
    with webbing style sides
  • Military tent 5×10m
    with webbing style sides
  • Military tent 5×10m
    with webbing sides
  • Military tent 5×10m
    with screen windows
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