1. Classic Frame Tent

      It is suitable for any places. For example, this outdoor tent can be installed on, but not limited to, grass, concrete ground, bitumen and deck. Constructed by house structure without any center poles, it can offer maximum interior space.

    1. Tension Frame TentSince that, installation becomes easier and the tension tent enjoys more sweeping lines and stronger tension. This aluminum frame tent is generally supported by aluminum tube frame and engineered in fire proof and UV resistant 560g/sqm PVC.
    1. Twin Tube Frame TentThis robust frame can considerably reduce the amount of other components, thus ensuring brief appearance, easy installation and convenient transportation. In a word, our twin tube frame tent can intelligently meet what you demand.

Frame Tent

The frame tent is like a portable building, great for any place. In addition to small occasions and private occasions, this metal frame tent is perfect for bigger and formal occasions such as exhibitions, banquets, festivals, etc.

The tent top is secured to a tent frame which is constructed from aluminum alloy or iron tubes. It can acquire sufficient tension over perimeter poles eliminating the need for center poles, thus ensuring more roomy interior space. The festival tent comes standard with stability and robustness without external ropes for tensioning the top fabric. Therefore, it can be closer to high buildings, houses and other constructions.

Advantages of Frame Tent
1. Without center poles, this banquet tent can leave people more spacious available space.
2. Installation space is more flexible.
3. Our aluminum alloy frame tent does not only mean stability, it can also present people more attractive appearance.

To better meet the demands of different customers, SIECO provides three kinds of frame tent namely classic frame tent, tension frame tent and twin tube frame tent.