1. High Peak Pole Tent

      One piece of 12m×12m fabric can be spliced into 12m×18m, 12m×24m, 12m×30m, etc. by the addition of one or more pieces of 12m×6m fabric. According to you actual demands, the length can be infinitely extended.

    1. Classic Pole Tent

      Simple structure makes the installation a breeze. Thanks to the support of poles and the fixation by tent pegs and ropes, the outdoor leisure tent is extremely stable. After installation, only roominess instead of tubes everywhere will impress you at first glance.


Pole Tent

As tent has become a culture and a habit, it can be seen everywhere. Various party tents and wedding tents have stepped into our life. Among which, SIECO pole tent is highly popular because of easy installation and high cost effectiveness. The party tent contains center poles and side poles that are used to support the tent top. The tension force of the fabric structure is fully from the poles. Therefore, correct erection of the poles is a must. In addition, each pole needs to be firmed by tent pegs so as to ensure stability. Guy ropes are attached to the tops for fixing the tent.

Advantages of Pole Tent
1. The high peak tent is more cost effective.
2. Assembly is a breeze.
3. It can crate more casual and easy-going atmosphere.