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High Peak Pole Tent

SIECO high peak pole tent looks more elegant and beautiful. It consists of less tent parts, the majority of which can be interchanged. For instance, to ensure easy installation and usage, all side poles feature the same size i.e. 7 inches. Hence, all side poles are interchangeable. Height of the center pole is confirmed based on the pole tent size.

The outdoor tent can be made by one piece or several pieces of fabric. Several pieces of fabric can be connected to form different size your event demands. For example, one piece of 12m×12m fabric can be spliced into 12m×18m, 12m×24m, 12m×30m, etc. by the addition of one or more pieces of 12m×6m fabric. According to you actual demands, the length can be infinitely extended.

At present, our high peak pole tent is available in various standard sizes including 4.5m, 6m, 9m, 12m, 18m and 24m, and different colors such as white, red/white strip, blue/white strip and yellow/white strip. The poles are divided into iron tube and aluminum tube. In addition, this party pole tent is manufactured in 580G/SQM PVC.

  • Pole Tent 20'x20'
  • Pole Tent 20'x20' with sidewalls
  • Pole Tent 20'x30'
  • Pole Tent 30'x30'
  • Pole Tent 30'x60'
  • Pole Tent 80'x80'
  • Pole Tent 80'x80' with sidewalls
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