1. Matrix Marquee

      It is also the most commonly used tent which has won extremely high popularity among users in various countries and regions such as the USA, Canada, the UK, Belgium, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, etc.

    1. Rectangle Marquee

      This method to get a bigger and longer marquee is nice, but a better choice is SIECO rectangular marquee which features simple structure and easier installation. Our rectangular marquee tent is available in various dimensions, including 3×6m, 4×8m, 4.5×9m, 5×10m and 6×12m.

    1. Hexagon Marquee

      According to the unique properties of regular hexagon, the hexagonal marquee tent can shelter the maximum area with the minimum amount of materials, hence saving huge costs for customer.

    1. Triangle Marquee

      SIECO triangle marquee tent is a newly developed marquee that has won high recognition in the market. Due to excellent stability and unique form of triangle, this high peak tent can be used in special occasions for making up special size gap of a tent group.


Marquee Tent

The marquee tent is a large tent used as a temporary and portable building and shelter. It is a great option for outdoor events, banquets, fairs, wedding parties, etc. without limit on use places. Due to some unique designs, SIECO marquees have won great popularity in Europe and America.

Our outdoor event marquee is tensioned and comes with good elasticity. It does not need a lot of accessories. The elastic frame supported by web guys is more stable than that connected by pipes and nails. It needs no lock catch, thus ensuring easy installation. Due to unique design of gutter channel, two or more marquee tents can be connected to form larger sizes or special shapes you need.

The frame of this party tent is comprised of anodized aluminum pipes and anti-rust cast aluminum fittings, highlighting good appearance and robustness. PVC fabric that has been proved fireproof, waterproof, moisture proof, mould proof, sun proof and UV resistant enables our marquee tent to be compatible with all kinds of weathers. Additionally, this outdoor equipment is in compliance with the American standard of CPAI-84 and NFPA-701 as well as European standard of M2.

Through unremitting efforts, SIECO has created a wide range of marquees with various sizes for our customers, including matrix marquee, rectangular marquee, hexagonal marquee and triangular marquee. More attention will be paid to customer's demands so as to improve quality and enrich categories. In addition to this, we can also offer custom-made service. Our permanent commitment is to provide the optimal tent solutions for you on the basis of your preferred sizes, colors, designs, materials and purposes.

Custom-made Service

Structure Features

1. Design
Marine grade wire guys are used to support the frame. Top flag pole is available.

2. Tent Fabric
SIECO marquee tent is designed with fireproof and sun proof PVC fabric (16 oz/m2 semitransparent white polyester vinyl).

3. Frame
Anodized aluminum alloy pipes (6061-T6 aluminum, OD 63.5mm, thickness 3mm) cast fittings and aluminum foot plates form the tent frame.

4. Shapes
Matrix marquee, rectangular marquee, hexagonal marquee and triangular marquee are available.

5. Dimensions
Poles: 8ft. or 9ft. Peak height: 16'3.75" / 5.124m.
Side height: 8'5" /2.56m