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Triangle Marquee

Nowadays, huge marquee tent grouped by various marquees is becoming increasingly popular. However, the tent group is not perfect because of the gap at the edge caused by the connection of hexagonal marquees. The triangular marquee can be used to make up the gap and thereby make a perfect tent group.

SIECO triangle marquee tent is a newly developed marquee that has won high recognition in the market. Due to excellent stability and unique form of triangle, this high peak tent can be used in special occasions for making up special size gap of a tent group. Available sizes include 3m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m and 6m. The triangular marquee is manufactured in laminated PVC and coating PVC. Usually, African and American customers prefer laminated PVC fabric which European customers like coating PVC.

Model No. Length Width Wall Height Peak Height
MQT-10 10'/305cm 10' /305cm 250cm 460cm
MQT-13 400cm 400cm 250cm 480cm
MQT-15 15'/457cm 15'/457cm 250cm 500cm
MQT-16 500cm 500cm 250cm 520cm
MQT-20 20'/610cm 20'/610cm 250cm 520cm
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