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Hexagon Marquee

As inspired by our mother nature, hexagonal marquee is booming like mushrooms after rain. According to the unique properties of regular hexagon, the hexagonal marquee tent can shelter the maximum area with the minimum amount of materials, hence saving huge costs for customer. In addition, the hexagon tent is visually striking over other types of tent, thereby adding aesthetic appeal and feature to banquet or wedding party.

This banquet marquee is available in four sizes, namely 20'x17', 8x6.93m, 30'x26', 10x8.66m, 40'x34'. If you choose our hexagonal marquee, the size will be the most appropriate and your banquet budget will be never exceeded.

Specification Data
Model No. Length Width Wall height Peak Height
MQH-20 20'/610cm 17' 3.8 " 250cm 460cm
MQH-444 800cm 693 cm 250cm 480cm
MQH-30 30'/914cm 25' 11.8 " 250cm 500cm
MQH-555 1000cm 866 cm 250cm 520cm
MQH-40 40'/1220cm 34' 7.7 " 280cm 550cm
  • Hexagonal Marquee
  • Hexagon marquee 20'x17'
  • Hexagon marquee 8x6.93m
  • Hexagon marquee 30'x26'
  • Hexagon marquee 40'x34'
  • Hexagonal Marquee
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