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Rectangle Marquee

When you need a larger size marquee tent, you can connect two or more SIECO matrix marquees into one relying on our specially designed gutters used between the tents for draining accumulated water away without impact on internal environment. This method to get a bigger and longer marquee is nice, but a better choice is SIECO rectangular marquee which features simple structure and easier installation. Our rectangular marquee tent is available in various dimensions, including 3×6m, 4×8m, 4.5×9m, 5×10m and 6×12m.

Over years of devotion to application market of tent, SIECO has obtained abundant market experience, enabling us to continuously improve our products and offer the tents that are more suitable for outdoor event applications.

Specifications of Rectangular Marquee
Model No. Length (cm) Width (cm) Wall height (cm) Peak Height (cm)
MQR-1020 20'/610 10'/305 250 460
MQR-0408 800 400 250 480
MQR-1530 30'/914 15'/457 250 500
MQR-0510 1000 500 250 520
MQR-2040 40'/1220 20'/610 250 520
  • Marquee tent 10'x20' (one peak design)
  • Marquee tent 10'x20' (two peaks design)
  • Marquee tent 15'x30'
  • Marquee tent 20'x40'
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