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Matrix Marquee

The matrix marquee is the most classic type of high peak marquee tent made by SIECO. It is also the most commonly used tent which has won extremely high popularity among users in various countries and regions such as the USA, Canada, the UK, Belgium, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, etc.

This matrix tent is available in numerous sizes, including 10'x10', 4x4m, 15'x15', 5x5m, 20'x20', 30'x30'. According to the demands of our customers, we can offer various color options. For instance, the European and American customers usually prefer white tent while the African customers like red, green, blue, black, black and white strip, red and black strip, red and white strip, etc. In addition, different occasions mean different colors. In wedding parties, white matrix marquee is the best choice; in young people's funeral, red/white strip will be selected and in old people's funeral, black/white strip is preferred.

SIECO can provide silk-screen printing and digital printing on this type of makeshift Marquee Tent if required. These two printing methods now feature mature technology. Small area printing and even whole tent printing is a breeze.

Technical Parameters
Model No. Length(cm) Width(cm) Wall height(cm) Peak Height(cm)
MQ -10 305 305 250 460
MQ -13 400 400 250 480
MQ -15 457 457 250 500
MQ -16 500 500 250 520
MQ -20 610 610 250 520
MQ -30 915 915 280 560
  • Marquee tent 10'x10'
  • Marquee tent 15'x15'
  • Marquee Tent 5×5m
  • Marquee tent 20'x20'
  • Marquee tent 30'x30'
  • Red and White Strip Color
  • Black and White Strip Color
  • Red and Black Strip Color
  • Red and Black Color Combination
  • White, Green and Blue
    Color Combination
  • Blue and White Combination,
    Black and White Combination
  • Marquee Tent with
    Transparent Roof
  • Tension Frame Tent with
    Clear Windows
  • Marquee tent with
    screened windows
  • High peak Sierra Leone national
    flag marquee tent
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